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A North Carolina based publicity and marketing firm dedicated to its clients and communicating their impact. In partnership with you, we create your ideal message to reach your ideal client. We showcase what problems you solve and what makes you the absolute best at what you do. Through our years of building relationships with media + community partners and ongoing dedication to perfecting our public relations craft, Definita is the ideal firm to lead your communication efforts

Run by a spunky blond with a heart of gold, Definita enables you to tell your story with intention and purpose to ensure your business stays at the top of mind of all of your stakeholders.


Definita focuses on developing the right message for the right audience while always staying clear on your position in the market. From day-to-day communication with key stakeholders to press conferences and major news stories to crisis strategy and communication, who you say you are in the market directly impacts how people relate, and buy, from you. With a Defining Message in a Cluttered Marketplace, you will get the results you desire.

Definita offers a multi-tiered approach to publicizing you and your brand. From traditional media placement to the intricate workings of social media to strategic event execution our services will ensure your voice is heard and your brand is defined.



"Arden helps me simplify my personal and

On-Purpose brand."

-Kevin W. McCarthy

The Professor of On-Purpose

Definita is Here to Create Your Story, Expand Your Story, and Tell Your Story because it’s through your story that you get your desired results.

Our team, led by Arden McLaughlin, can be found in Charlotte, NC.
But the travel bug bites often and we are ready to go where you need us.

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