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These monthly lessons allow you to have your own Publicist and PR Coach for less than the cost of a night out with friends.
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Arden interviews her friends in media and communication to show you how to grow your business. 

Communication trends change fast! From local and national news trends to the evolution of social media or self-created media, you will have access to the best information available. To date, the Club includes selling in Instagram, getting your book written and published in 30 days, and a crash course in getting your story on TV local news.

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Definita PR Club?

Because you are guaranteed to get training from world class business leaders.

These leaders typically charge hundreds, if not thousands per hour. Through Definita's PR Club these leaders are available to you for only $47 a month.

Is $47 worth at least one news story a month? Is it worth one new client?

It's worth investing in you.

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Don't let another minute pass without learning how to use your story to build your brand profile in a way that resonates with your target audience and stays true to who you are as a person and business.

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