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Arizona Photographer Opens Online Store — Supports Global Charities

written by arden mclaughlin Oct 06, 2020


Arizona Photographer Opens New Online Store to Support Global Charities

Luxury photography with heartfelt stories of subjects sure to make a mark in the art world

October 7, 2020 | Scottsdale, AZ – Yasmin Tajik has taken her documentarian photography and mixed it with her humanitarian spirit and launched Yasmin Tajik Fine Art Prints; a studio dedicated to capturing stories that most need to be told while also giving back through the sale of each print.

Tajik, a first-generation Pakistani-American woman, uses her artwork to serve as a crusade for global living rights. Through Yasmin Tajik Fine Art Prints, she will provide direct impact for those she wants to serve with her crusade while also bringing incredible art into the homes across the world. A portion of the proceeds from all her art sold to S.A.F.E. Samburu, the Great Plains Foundation, and American Wild Horse Campaign.

“When the world looks away, I prefer to pull out my camera,” Tajik said when describing her documentarian style photography. “I understand the privilege I have as an American woman. I use this privilege to highlight the marginalized in our world and tell their story. It’s through story where we can relate to and see our similarities. These similarities lead to unity.”

Prints are all original photographs taken by Yasmin Tajik and start at $375 for a 16x24. The size range goes up to 40x60 and can be purchased framed or unframed. All prints can be purchased at



Yasmin is a self-taught photographer who felt a need to shift her photography focus towards highlighting social causes and bringing awareness to humanitarian issues. As a world traveler, Yasmin sees that with grounds to cover, come sublime stories to capture in photography and to display for future generations to treasure. For Yasmin, it’s never been enough to capture stories in her art, her art is meant for something deeper, so she contributes proceeds from her work to the causes she’s spotlighting. She’s partnered with various organizations to help them make strides in their movement.


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