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Millionaire Nurse Club Creator Opens Latest Venture in Charlotte, NC

written by arden mclaughlin Oct 13, 2020


Millionaire Nurse Club Creator Opens Latest Venture in Charlotte, NC

Vee The NP opens new clinic and lays groundwork for the future of healthcare

CHARLOTTE, NC – International healthcare leader and entrepreneur, Veronica Smith Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, FIEL, brings her talents to the University area of Charlotte when she opens her new Flo Hydration & Wellness Clinic this month. Her clinic will be one the only black-female owned Medspas in the area and services will focus on holistic wellness procedures including:

  • Vitamin-infused IV Hydration and shot bar treatments,

  • Ketamine drips for all areas of anxiety and depression,

  • Medically supervised weight loss,

  • Botox, Derma Fillers, and Kabela, and

  • Acupuncture and Aqua Massage.

Her entire practice will span 3,000 spa-inspired square feet and feature day recovery lounge space.

Southerland, also known as Vee The NP, has built her name and brand on teaching nurses how to expand their career horizons through IV Hydration and Shot Bar treatments. Her Watch My Flo classes are highly sought out by nurses who are curious about the opportunity to become their own bosses. She is now bringing this same knowledge to the QC and plans to continue to inspire both her employees and patients.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic truly brought to light the high value we need to put on our personal health and the nurses who serve us,” Southerland said. “I’ve dedicated my life to a dual purpose of serving my patients and building nurses into entrepreneurs. With the opening of Flo Hydration & Wellness Clinic I can bring both to the city where I live. It’s going to be an exciting new opportunity for me, but also for all of the greater Charlotte area.”

Flo Hydration & Wellness Clinic is located at 10400 Mallard Creek Road, Suite 208 and is currently making appointments to start November 2, 2020 by calling (704) 910-6000.



Veronica Smith Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, FIEL and is a DNP(s) 2019 Inaugural Nursing Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Fellow of SONSIEL. She’s spoken about nursing at the United Nations, travels internationally teaching about and providing healthcare to those in remote areas, and is on a mission to take her millionaire nurse business to women committed to building business with energy and integrity through her mentorship program.

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