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You've done all you can do on your own.

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Consider our VIP work to be all about creating Very Intentional Profit through Public Relations efforts.
To go from play to slay while ensuring we set you up for long game success, Definita's VIPs follow a well-established format.

To ensure you gain very intentional profit, we start with your foundation - whatever it is and wherever you are. Definita examines all parts of your business to assess where we use your story to multiply your business reach.

My goal for you is simple:  Use my proven communication formula to create and activate a customized game plan so that you can make more money... now and later.

During our work we will take a deep dive into your communication around your business

to understand where you’re at right now, where you want to be and how to get there.


We will plan exactly what you want to achieve and how Public Relations will help you get to those business goals. 

During this transformational work, I will help you uncover limiting beliefs and any blocks that are getting in your way of taking inspired action so that you can return home ready to implement your game plan (with my support where you need it!). 

Very Intentional Profit looks different for each client. The following are offerings within a VIP package and we choose which works best for you. 

  • Communication Strategy Session 
  • Media and Speaking Training
  • Creation of Speaking Topics
  • Media Release Template
  • Press and Speaking Kit 
  • Media Contacts for your area of the country
  • Community Partnership Presentation Template
  • Email Marketing Tools 
  • Purpose.Pitch.Perform. PR Course

The big win: The faster you implement our plan, the faster you make back your investment and then double, triple, quadruple it. Exponential growth awaits you!